My grandpappy told me never go into the woods without, at a minimum, a knife somewhere on my person.  When I was a young man, He gave me his old fixed blade buck knife and my father gave me a Swiss Army Fisherman for a more discreet and pragmatic day to day option.  I still have both of these well-worn blades.  EDC is at the pinnacle of the popular movement towards self-safety and readiness. A well-made, lightweight, and dependable knife must be the apogee of anyone’s daily carry items.

The SOG Spec Elite 1 Auto is an amalgamation of speed, lightweight, and exceptional materials.  The drop point blade measures 3.5 inches and is forged from AUS-8 steel; this steel, buttressed with the blade’s coating, delivers a 57-58RC hardness scale.

SOG Spec Elite 1 Auto: Designed as a backup tool for military and law enforcement

The ELITE’s body is only 4.30 inches in length. The handle of the knife, similar to the blade,  is as equally overbuilt.  The Aluminum body’s frame is also lined with stainless steel.  This gives the knife the durability to be an overbuilt EDC option.  The dense construction of the knife itself will not weight the user’s pockets down. Tipping the scales at a paltry 2.80oz, the ELITE can’t get much lighter without a potential sacrifice of performance. Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain.  Lighten the load whenever you don’t have to sacrifice quality!

SOG Spec Elite 1 Auto: Designed as a backup tool for military and law enforcement

The blade’s activation is via a push-button mechanism.  The implementation is swift with a solid locking once the blade is fully seated.  The mechanism must be re-engaged to close the knife.   The knife also features a plunge lock on the chassis.  This feature will negate a negligent discharge of the blade.

The SOG Spec Elite 1 Auto has found a home in my EDC  loadout alongside my G19. Simplicity refined, functionality implemented.


Author – Ross R. is currently serving in the US Military Special Operations community.