The first thing you’ll notice upon holding this knife is it’s outstanding ergonomics. The handle of the knife fits in the hand very well, and provides a comfortable grip in any condition. The deployment of the blade is extremely fast—faster than some automatics I’ve used in the pastthanks to the SOG Assisted Technology.

Style of knife: Folding tactical knife

Blade length: 3.7″

Type of edge: Standard V-grind tanto

SOG Trident Elite Tanto Blade
SOG Trident Elite tanto blade

Blade and handle materials: Blade material is AUS-8 stainless steel with a black hardcased TINI (titanium nitride) finish. The handle is a durable glass-reinforced nylon material with thermoplastic rubber inlays.

SOG Trident Elite Handle
SOG Trident Elite handle

Weight: 3.9 ounces

MSRP: $96.00 direct from SOG Knives

Unique features: Integrated line/cord/seatbelt cutter built into the handle, functional when the blade is in the closed position. There is also an emergency glass breaker integrated into the end of the handle. The pocket clip is a reversible deep carry, typical of most SOG knives.

Application: Everyday carry, emergency tool, and possibly for self defense if you needed to push it into that role.

Pros: This is a lightweight and extremely durable knife. The SOG Arc Lock is extremely strong and lockup is very tight. This is comfortable and easy to use whether you’re wearing gloves or using it in wet conditions. If you’re looking for a wilderness folding knife, then this should be on your radar to add to your kit.

SOG Trident Elite Wilderness Tool
SOG Trident Elite wilderness tool

Cons: The cord cutter doesn’t always fulfill its intended purpose, and seems to be more gimmicky than useful.

Bottom line/overall performance: SOG Knives has always been known for making an affordable-yet-durable knife. The SOG Trident Elite is perfect for everything from everyday utility tasks to an emergency/survival situation. I’m going to be carrying and using the SOG Trident Elite as my primary carry knife for the next few weeks and will report back with a detailed review of how it held up.