My initial impression of the SOG Mini Vulcan was WOW! Typically, when you get a knife with the word “mini” in the name you get a product that is too small in the hand and has no heft to it. Not the case with this blade. I have medium-sized hands and the handle is long enough for a full four-finger grip. The width of the handle also aids in the grip by giving you more surface area.

The SOG Mini Vulcan really does feel great in the hand. whether you’re using a standard grip or a reverse grip. And when you close the handle, the SOG Mini Vulcan has some length and heft to it, so it can be used as a blunt striking tool.

SOG Vulcan Mini Knife Review

The SOG Mini Vulcan is built like a tank! The liners are solid stainless steel; there is no skeletonizing to save weight, which I like. I prefer the extra weight and durability because it gives me the confidence of knowing I can push this knife to greater extremes than most other folding knives – and it WILL perform. Well done SOG!

SOG Vulcan Mini Knife Review

The blade is composed of VG10, which is a premium steel, and it comes razor sharp out of the box. The belly on the blade and the slight recurve will allow this knife to be quite an effective skinning blade for small game. The blade profile also allows for very easy honing and maintenance. The blade deploys fast and locks up nice and tight.

SOG Vulcan Mini Knife Review

The pocket clip is outstanding. It’s large enough to have very secure retention while in the pocket or inside the waistband. It’s also the typical SOG deep carry which allows you to carry the knife discretely and not draw attention to yourself in non permissive environments.

SOG Vulcan Mini Knife Review

If you’re headed down range and are looking for a folder that can withstand abuse in the field, handle most everyday tasks, and costs under $100! stop looking and get the SOG Mini Vulcan. This is a great everyday carry knife due to its size, but still large enough and stout enough to be pressed into a defensive roll if need be.

I put this knife through some simple tests based on the environments it might be used in. It made quick work of carving a stick into a spear point. I also buried the knife in dirt and made sure it was covered inside and out. The knife still continued to open and close without any issues.

SOG Vulcan Mini Knife Review

From there I buried it in the dirt again, but this time added water in order to get the knife caked with mud inside and out. Again, it still continued to open and close without any issues. I also tried prying with the blade by stabbing it into a tree stump and prying to both the left and right. After repeated stabs and prying there was no damage at all to the blade, and the lockup was still just as solid as before I began all the tests.

SOG Vulcan Mini Knife Review

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Originally, the SOG Vulcan was named after GE’s M61A1 Vulcan, which is the Gatling-cannon mounted on the F-15, F-16, and F-18. Being named after a cannon pretty much tells how awesome this knife is.


Finish Satin
Blade Shape Clip Point
Edge Type Straight
Blade Steel Type VG-10
Hardness RC. 59-60
Overall Length 7.35″
Closed Length 4.35″
Product Weight 3.40 oz
Blade Length 3″
Blade Thickness 0.16″

You can get the knife on Amazon for about $82.