For some American knife companies, stateside production is seen as an unreachable ideal. But the crew at Spartan Blades wasn’t willing to look at things that way. “So many people are convinced that to be profitable or successful you have to manufacture overseas, and that just isn’t the truth,” Curtis Iovito, co-owner of Spartan Blades, tells us. For Iovito, the proof is in the pudding – or rather, in the Spartan-Harsey Folder (SHF), the knife that brought home the American-Made Knife of the Year award at Blade Show earlier in the month.

The SHF is a collaboration between Spartan Blades and legendary designer William Harsey Jr. It was intended to be an American-made, high-end folder that took advantage of modern machining technologies and material advances. Harsey made his expectations clear from the get-go: “Bill only had one requirement. ’Make this the best possible folder that you can,’ ” Iovito quips. “You know, he doesn’t ask for much!”

Iovito believes that the SHF’s simplicity was key to its success. “All too often knives are over-engineered to be the ‘next big thing,’” Iovito says. Harsey envisioned that the knife could fill numerous roles, including EDC or self-defense.

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