The monthly Spartan Carton contains items needed to help you achieve Spartan level fitness standards. Unlike other monthly subscription boxes, the Spartan Carton contains all Fitness and Nutrition related products.

The Spartan Carton comes in two monthly flavors; the Citizen and the Warrior. Other than the price, the Warrior level contains additional Workout gear. For example, in the September box that I recently received, one of the Warrior class items was a 10lb weighted vest.

If you’re just looking for monthly consumables and supplements then the monthly $25 Citizen box is for you. If you’re looking to get some workout gear in addition to the supplements, then the monthly $99 Warrior package is for you.

Let’s take a closer look at the September 2016 Warrior box I recently received. I’m going to break up the contents into a few different groups.

First up…The consumables and supplements. All in all most of these worked for their intended purposes and tasted pretty good (I haven’t tried the coffee yet). The consumables cover both your pre and post workout needs. I have to say the BetaNox was pretty bad ass. I took this 15 minutes prior to the 15 minute Spartan Thrash workout. I had an increased energy output and my mental focus was heightened as well. Post workout was the ProMax protein bar and a protein shake.

Spartan Carton | Warrior Fitness & Nutrition
Supplements and consumables included in the September box.

Second up…Personal hygiene. Taking a nice cool down shower after a tough workout always feels good. In the September Spartan Carton box was a bar of soap, but this is not any ordinary soap. Upon opening the Spartan Carton the first thing that caught my eye was a smaller box that was labeled FRAG OUT. What guy would’t be excited to see that! Contained inside that box was a block of soap carved into the shape of a grenade. Time for some explosive cleaning after a brutal sweaty workout.

Spartan Carton | Warrior Fitness & Nutrition
Frag Out!

Third…The workout gear. This is part of the Warrior Class subscription. For the month of September they threw in a 10lb weighted vest. I was pretty freakin excited about this. I don’t have a huge home gym, nor do I go to a public gym. I prefer to do shorter body weight type exercises and routines. Now having this weighted vest I can increase the intensity of those workouts. Speaking of workouts. Also included is a card highlighting the 15 minute Spartan Thrash workout (to be done with the 10lb weighted vest).

Spartan Carton | Warrior Fitness & Nutrition
10lb weighted vest and workout card.

For a quick run down of the 15 minute Spartan Thrash workout check out the following video!

Fourth and final…Some cool EDC/Survival gear. Again these are part of the Warrior Class subscription. Included this month is a small folding Gerber knife with a partially serrated blade. Along with the blade are two items to help you get that ever important fire started in a survival situation.

Spartan Carton | Warrior Fitness & Nutrition
Gerber knife, Wet fire tabs and a mag bar.

All in all the Spartan Carton is a great deal. This also gives you a chance to try several different brands of supplements and consumables to determine what you would like to buy and incorporate into your diet. I also like the fact that they include a workout along with the gear to do it with. This box is kind of like an all-in-one fitness and nutrition solution. Take a pre workout supplement, do the provided workout with the provided gear, and recover with a post workout supplement.

Head on over to Spartan Carton today to sign up for your monthly fitness and nutrition box.