Combat Gloves are one of the more controversial items in the military’s PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). The controversy comes from the low enlisted trigger pullers hating gloves and the higher ups trying to protect the lower enlisted’s hands. Hands are damn valuable on a battlefield, and with an injured hand you are out of the fight. We can’t prevent all hand injuries. Until we get to Deus Ex level of robot hands we better wear gloves. When I got the option to review the SpecOp Shop Combat Gloves I was hesitant. What did I know about gloves?

SpecOp Shop Combat Gloves
Spec Ops Shop Combat Gloves

Like any lower enlisted I hated the gloves I was issued. Big, bulky things that were better for welding that handling a machine gun or rifle. I realized I learned a lot about gloves during my pre-deployment training since I went through a half dozen pairs. I learned a good form fitting pair of gloves was key. Nothing past the wrist in length was needed. I also learned if you have to wear gloves, spend the money to buy good gloves.

Good combat gloves?

So are these good gloves? They appear to be. SpecOp Combat gloves are made from a combination of Pittards leather and 4-way stretch nylon. Pittards leather is popular and they often use it to create fashionable clothes. Fashionable gloves are typically comfortable. Does using this leather make these gloves comfortable?

SpecOp Shop Combat Gloves
Carbon Fiber Knuckles

The inside is certainly soft. There is zero abrasion on the inside. At first, the gloves felt quite tight, but I had followed the sizing chart for these SpecOp Shop combat gloves. It took me a second to get each on just due to how tight they were at the wrist. Once my hands were inside they fit, well, like a glove.


One thing that stands out about the SpecOp Shop combat gloves is the fiber optic material over the knuckles. Is it for fighting? Sure, but it’s really there to protect your knuckles. It can protect your knuckles in a fistfight just as good as they protect your knuckles changing a Humvee tire.

SpecOp Shop Combat Gloves

I did like the ability to fold back the tip of the index finger and thumb. Some guys used to cut the tips off. That was major no in my unit and you’d have to replace the gloves. I never bought into the trigger finger sensitivity line. That was probably because I didn’t need sensitivity for an M240. What I did need as our squad’s HIIDE / Toughbook/ GPS / and other electronics Staff Sergeant couldn’t figure out was the ability to press small buttons and use touch screens. That’s the biggest use I have for these flip back fingers.

First Impressions?

My first impression is pretty darn good. These gloves are light, protective, and comfortable. They allow me to use modern electronics without sacrificing protection or having to constantly remove my gloves. I look forward to reviewing them in the upcoming weeks. I plan to shoot with them, take photos with them, and even work out with them. The goal, as always, is to break them through normal means.