SpecOpShop Go Panel

I’ve spent some real quality time with the SpecOpShop Go Panel in the last few weeks. I’m a fan of minimalist gear. I prefer personally to keep a low profile and I like my gear to do the same. The Spec Ops Shop Go Panel is designed to a simple and low profile method of carrying the same gear you’d put on a plate carrier or battle belt. It is much smaller than a plate carrier or battle belt and is designed to accommodate MOLLE/PALS gear.

Does Size Matter?

Clearly, a smaller platform means you have less room to mount gear. The SpecOpShop Go Panel isn’t designed to replace the plate carrier or battle belt. Instead, it’s designed to work in tandem with them. The panel isn’t designed to go by itself to Fallujah and to kick in doors. The SpecOpShop Go Panel is perfect for the extra horsepower when things go bad in your everyday situation. If things start going even worse, you can attach the Go Panel to your plate carrier or battle belt.

It’s not the most stable platform, but it is stable enough for government work. Because of this, you can quickly and easily expand your plate carriers capacity. The attachment system is simple. Remove the nylon bands, run the arms of the Go Panel through your MOLLE/PALS system and reattach the nylon bands. It stays in place, but it does bounce up and down a little.


Spec Ops Shop Go Panel - Compact and Capable
Easy to Transition to traditional platforms

I really like the ability to instantly swap the SpecOpShop Go Panel for a belt configuration to wherever else I need it. Mounting gear on the system is incredibly easy as well. I mounted a variety of magazine pouches, an IFAK, and some general gear pouches. The system Go Panel works with MALICE clips, rubber style straps, your normal MOLLE/PALS straps, and Blue Force Gears proprietary strap system.

Mount Up

Mounting the system to a belt is simple. I can either slide the belt through the loops like any other piece of gear. Or let’s say I don’t have time for that. The feces has hit the oscilating device. You don’t have time to undue your belt, so you simply undo the nylon straps, fit it over your belt and resecure the nylon straps.

The system is extremely comfortable. The natural bend in the system makes it comfortable to wear on the waist. It bends naturally around the body with ease. The system is also quite light, and hangs close to the body. This makes it possible to actually conceal whatever you have mounted on the system. Some pieces of gear is obviously too bulky for this. However, pistol magazine pouches, and even my Yeti Wurks Sherpa SMG pouches disappear under the right shirt.

Spec Ops Shop Go Panel - Compact and Capable
Quite Easy to Conceal

In the Field

In the field I’ve found it quite reliable and easy to use. I did a long series of reloading drills with the Scorpion. The Go Panel staid in place perfectly drill after drill. I mounted it to a standard leather belt and fed it four 30 round Scorpion magazines. It didn’t bend, dip, or sag throughout the day. It staid right where I put it.

Spec Ops Shop Go Panel - Compact and Capable
Full IFAK and Extra AR Mag

Later on it accomodated an AR mag carrier and the Blue Force Gear IFAK pouch. Again, it staid in place, ready to rock and roll throughout the day. The SpecOpShop Go Panel proved to be an extremely handy piece of kit. Its the kind of gear you can set up and toss in your trunk to accomodate a vehcle long gun. It could also be used for emergency responders looking for an easy way to attach so mission critical gear. It’s great for a uniform patrol officer who needs a rifle and an extra magazine on the fly. Whatever your use is, the Go Panel is sure to scratch the itch.