We often see pictures of soldiers wearing an assortment of high-speed gear that is appealing to the eye. But there’s one piece of gear that’s appealing to their eyes, too. Eye pro!
I received these custom Ranger and Navy SEAL shades from Oakley, and couldn’t wait to show the testing these guys put into their product. No matter who you are, if you need to or want to preserve your vision with a product, I highly recommend these shades. There’s a reason why the men of the Special-Operations community keep a pair in their lockers on deployment—right next to their weapon and body armor.
During my time in the military, and especially while deployed, every man had a few sets of Oakley eye pro. From the drivers to the man carrying the portable 60mm mortar, we all had them. We loved the Oakley shades not only for their durability, but also because they were truly combat proven.
On a few occasions, these shades/eye pro saved the vision of men on my team. Whether rolling over or stepping on an IED, standing a few feet away from a C4 door charge, or having an RPG explode next to us during a firefight, the extreme durability of the Oakley shades withstood whatever the enemy could throw at us. Check out this extreme (see explosives) Oakley testing video proving what a pair of Oakley shades can endure.
Be sure to visit Oakley’s website, and specifically their page for ordering custom eye pro.