The D-BAG by Q -BLUE is the company’s solution to the market of discreet weapon’s cases.  The case was designed via a collaboration with Blue Force Gear.  The case seems to be an evolution of the now discontinued  line of Blue Force Gear Dapper cases.  I have owned the BFG 28″ Mk18 case for several years. Personally, I use the bag as a breakdown case for my BCM RECCE carbine; at work it fits my Mk18 CQBR. Due to my affinity for this case and Blue Force Gear affiliated products, I  was eager to see what the Q-Blues’s adaptation would deliver. 

Q-BLUE’s concept was to engineer a weapons bag that precludes the user from , as the name entails, looking like a D-BAG. It’s entrancing blue color does stand out, but it does so in manner that seems to make overt, covert.  Sports equipment bags or musical instrument cases are what one’s mind potentially sees.

The bag boast hearty 1000D padded Cordura.  Both of the spacious walls of the bag’s interior are lined for the addition of hook & loop backed pouches.  An exterior pouch and a removable shoulder strap is also included.  The bag comes standard with three enticing additions: A Velcro-backed MOLLE panel (not pictured) , a tear away utility pouch, a three cell magazine pouch, and two weapon retention straps.  These  modular accouterments are an enticing factor that separate the D-BAG from similarly priced cases that do not include organization for ancillary gear. 

The bag’s size allows me to easily transport my full-sized carbine, my M68 Aimpoint, and my Leupold 1-4 scope on one of the bag’s sides. The other side currently features the three cell magazine pouch containing three MAGPUL PMAGS.  I have placed a VTAC MK2 sling, Grippod , and an AFG-2 in the utility pouch for scale.  

I feel it pertinent to address that in the future, I more than likely will fill this pouch with a small cleaning kit, multitool, Vortex monocular  and a bottle of SLIP 2000 EWL.  My future modifications to this case will include the addition of an ITS Tactical Universal Holster, A BFG Dapper 3 Mag Pistol Pouch, and a second BFG 3 MAG Dapper Rifle Mag Pouch.

A truly unique feature of this bag, and what I personally feel showcases that this case is the product of a very utilitarian design, is the removable carrying strap.  The carrying strap itself is a two-point weapons sling.  Using two of Blue Force Gear’s ULoops, the strap can easily make the transition to an adjustable weapon’s sling.

I really feel the D-BAG is a great piece of kit that doesn’t merely have an application in an esoteric field, but it would serve the everyday shooter quite efficiently.

Features (Courtesy of Q)

  • Integrated and Removable Rifle Sling
  • Full loop velcro interior
  • Ships with Utility Pouch, Magazine Pouch, and Removable Molle Panel
  • Rubber Carry Handle
  • Exterior Pocket
  • Thick Padding
  • MADE IN THE USA by our friends at BLUE FORCE GEAR!!
  • Holds Rifles Up to 32″ Long
  • Bag Inside Dimensions 32″L x 12″W x 2.5″H


Author – Ross R. is currently serving in the US Military Special Operations community.