SHOT Show, gun lovers from throughout the world make the Haj to Las Vegas every year to see the latest and greatest in the gun industry.  To those that have never attended it is almost impossible to describe the experience.  One is easily overwhelmed by the presence of almost 3000 different vendors.

Imagine over a dozen football fields of guns and everything that goes with them!  The Spotter Up Team covered SHOT Show 2017 with seven intrepid souls and we’ll be writing about the sheer awesomeness we saw until next year’s Shot Show.  As a sneak peak and small taste below are some of the most interesting, innovative and potentially trend setting products Spotter Up’s staff were able to fondle.  Enjoy!


Spotter Up SHOT Show 2017 Spotlight

Ever experienced mission prep with pregame craft time, this innovation will rock your world.  Gone are the days of “chemlight parties”: taping, bundling, and carrying a gaggle of chemsticks  for room clearing marking is now obsolete. Thank you, dear Baby Jesus, 7 pounds 8 ounce of infantile omnipotence, for Blue Force Gear’s Marking and recognition chemstick organizer, or MARCO for short.  This innovation streamlines the cluster that used to be chemlight dispensing, into tactically efficient baddassery.  So unless you enjoy sitting in a semicircle- crisscross applesauce- holding hands, and wasting precious mission prep time with your outdated chemstick gaggle, by all means check out Blue Force Gear’s MARCO which will become available this quarter.” – Derek Dutton

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Photos courtesy of Spotter Up