AJ and Josh show you some basics.

Weapon sights come from manufacturers in a variety of configurations and each sight will look different than the others. The rear sight of a weapon may be U-shaped, V-shaped, two dots or a perhaps a straight line. Some sights have small or large dots or are simple notched sights.

Spotter Up Shows You Some Simple Shooting Techniques

The general concept of sight alignment and sight picture works no matter how the sights are configured. The keys to shooting your targets where you want to can be accomplished by primarily following these key concepts:

  1. Proper sight alignment.
  2. Proper sight picture.

Firing your weapon properly accurately and hitting the target means you have proper sight alignment and sight picture. Sight alignment simply means having the front and rear sights in line with your eyesight so you can shoot straight at your target. Your horizontal axis and vertical axis will be lined up. Sight picture means your target is aligned with your front and rear sights.

Watch the video and learn some simple techniques to help improve your shooting ability.

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