Imagine you’re traveling 60 mph down the highway with your son or daughter and suddenly you’re flying through the air – with each flip and impact you feel the steel frame of your vehicle gouging and grinding into the asphalt. The vehicle settles on the roof and you are hanging upside down by the seatbelt you were hopefully wearing. You have multiple broken bones and feel the blood dripping up your leg, but you are still conscious and suddenly realize the engine compartment of your pickup is on fire. Your child is unconscious in the passenger seat next to you and you need to get free of your position and rescue your child.

The vehicle alteration during the crash has made it impossible to release the seatbelt and your EDC knife that is lodged under the waist belt is unreachable with your broken hand.

What would you do? We would fight with every ounce of our being, but sometimes that’s not good enough. All you would need to escape and rescue your child is a simple blade. What about mounting a rescue knife the driver door of your vehicle or in a secure/accessible location, so it won’t go flying during the crash?

Over the years I’ve used a variety of rescue specific tools and blades and have finally found one that stands above the rest. The SpyderCo Assist will be there when you need it most. As stated in the video below, this is not your standard everyday carry knife, but is perfectly suited to a variety of tasks and may be able to get you out of a life-threatening situation, i.e. in the event of a vehicle entrapment or entanglement.



  • Overall Length: 8.375″
  • Closed Length: 4.875″
  • Blade Length: 3.687″
  • Edge Length: 3.188″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.125″
  • Steel: VG-10
  • Handle: FRN
  • Weight: 4 oz (115g)
  • MSRP: $144.95

Please let us know if you have any specific questions or comments about the SpyderCo Assist by commenting below.