Photo courtesy of Knife News

As December draws near Spyderco fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the company’s 2018 catalog. The new spate of offerings is expected to drop soon, and according to Eric Glesser, it will be their biggest catalog ever.

“These days we’re coming out with more models than we ever did in the past – and we’re getting good at it,” he tells us. The 180-page behemoth will dwarf their previous catalogs.

Glesser is keeping the exact contents of the catalog a secret until the reveal but did hint at one project we’ll see come to fruition. “We’ve perfected production Hamaguri grinds,” he tells us. A Hamaguri grind is a convex grind with radiused bevels down to the edge. Spyderco played around with Hamaguri in limited offerings in the past. But 2018 will see them implement this grind in a full-production bushcraft fixed blade. “We’re going to do it consistently over thousands of pieces,” Glesser explains. And he would like to see this perfected process implemented again. “We might even have a smaller folding Hamaguri knife.”

And Glesser also points out there will be additional 2018 surprises outside of the catalog itself. “The catalog has gotten bigger – but it doesn’t have everything we’re doing.” He also expects strong performances from all Spyderco’s manufacturing partners after a successful 2017. “No manufacturer regressed – they all progressed this year.” The Golden, CO plant in particular has been making massive strides. “They are flexing their muscles a little bit. Their capacity is getting better and they’re getting more efficient,” Glesser says.

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