This morning, Spyderco issued an official statement on their forum to announce they will no longer use red Loctite on their USA-made knives. The Golden, CO company will use medium strength Loctite in its place effective immediately. In addition, the statement clarified the company’s policy on knife disassembly as it relates to voiding Spyderco’s warranty.

Spyderco’s use of red Loctite 263 has come under intense scrutiny in recent months. Reviewers like Nick Shabazz and enthusiasts on the forums and other social media outlets have highlighted the difficulties that high-strength threadlocker poses to knife maintenance. Stripped screws were a common problem because of the force required to break Loctite 263’s hold.

In the statement posted by Spyderco’s Michael Janich, the company says they chose red Loctite because it provided a strong hold and the majority of their customers did not disassemble their knives.

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