Spyderco is taking legal action against Kevin, Inc. owner of Maine outdoor retailer Kittery Trading Post for allegedly selling counterfeit versions of two of its most popular blades, the Military and Para Military 2. The lawsuit lists seven different offenses including Infringement of Trademarks, Commercial Disparagement, and Misappropriation of Business Value, and seeks reparations of up to 6 million dollars .

According to the December action filed in the US District Court for the District of Colorado, events were set in motion on October 16, 2016, when Kittery Trading Post sold a counterfeit Military and Para Military 2, for $80 and $75 respectively. Spyderco said they bore all the markings of its knives, including the Spyder Mark, the Round Hole, the Glessers’ maker marks, and the “Golden, CO, USA, Earth” origin stamp.

Spyderco said they hired an independent metallurgist to determine if the blades marked CPM S30V were authentic. “The results of that testing confirmed that the knives .. were not manufactured by Spyderco in Golden, Colorado and are not authentic,” they wrote.

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