Spyderco unveiled its mid-year product guide today, bringing news of several new models, line extensions of the Para 3, and a redesign to Spyderco’s rust-proof Salt series.

Spyderco Shaman
The biggest surprise is the announcement of the Shaman, an upsized, redesigned version of the classic Spyderco Native. Though it inherits the same finger choil and streamlined ‘hump-less’ leaf shaped blade from the Native, the US-made Shaman offers 3.6-inches of blade length, contoured G10 handle scales, and a compression lock. Rumors of the Shaman have been circulating among Spyderco fans for years, but its presence in today’s mid-year catalog was unexpected.

Spyderco Unveils Mid-Year Product Guide

Spyderco Darn Dao
Also new is the Darn Dao, a sizeable fixed blade based on the late Bob Lum’s interpretation of a Chinese broadsword. The beefy, 6mm thick, 10.6″ blade should endow it with formidable chopping and slicing power. The Darn Dao won’t be available for long. Produced in a ‘Flash Batch,’ each knife will be numbered as part of a one-time limited run.

Spyderco Unveils Mid-Year Product Guide

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