Presscheck Consulting is happy to announce that its new SSDD Africa Edition t-shirts are now available for pre-order. The new design will be available exclusively at Operational Detachment Source.

SSDD Africa Edition features a US SOF (Special Operations Forces) advisor across from the iconic Bush War era Rhodesian Fireforce soldier. The former is carrying a 16 in. SR25K equipped with CQBSS 1-8, SureFire can, and B.E. Meyers & Co. MAWL. He’s carrying a Glock in a Safariland ALS as a secondary, and wearing a field uniform with plate-carrier. The latter is wearing contemporary jungle kit and is armed with the ubiquitous FAL.

Pre-order this updated take on a Rhodie classic here at ODS. Should you still have money burning a hole in your pocket after, there is more to see in the full PCC lineup. Upcoming opportunities to hone your skills with PCC are listed on the PCC Training page.

Artwork is by none other than Righteous Duke Designs. Shirts are available in sizes small (S) through triple extra large (XXL), and available in any color you want as long as it looks gray.

For additional information, contact [email protected]. Special Operations pro deals available.