Here are three packs we’ve done product reviews on and believe they are a very good value. They meet our criteria for good price, are comfortable to wear (use), are durable, have great utility, and not overly weighty.


Our Staff's Top 3 Picks For Load Bearing Gear

I’ve used high quality backpacks for years in a variety of situations: A three-day bicycle ride and camping trip down the central California coast; Snowboarding with a daypack in the Rocky mountains; Three day travel bags for multiple deployments to Afghanistan. A well-built, well designed and comfortable bag is essential for hauling your gear around for long periods or distances, or else you run the risk of neck or back injury from uneven or improperly supported loads putting strain where you don’t want it.

I can honestly say that the Hazard 4 Clerk is one of the most–if not the most–comfortable backpacks I’ve ever worn. This will likely be my new default travel bag and I’m already using it regularly as a day pack/overnight bag.


Our Staff's Top 3 Picks For Load Bearing Gear

This is simply a brilliant bag. Everything on the bag is practical. The zippers, the compartments, the organizer are all spot-on. This bag served me well at SHOT show to store the numerous catalogues the manufacturers were handing out.

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