“Good shit”, no matter what it is, comes at a price. Nice clothes, nice cars, and beautiful women will all cost you (ugly ones too), and often times more than you anticipated. Upper echelon gun related anything, never comes cheap but for whatever reason we are continually compelled to chase it down.

Stan Chen creates incredible works of art in the shape of the 1911. And like any real work of art, they are incredibly expensive. I used to think a $3,200 1911 was appalling but $10,000? C’mon! For true ballers that’s chump-change but add a 5 year wait and it all begins to sound like some vapor-ware legend. But it’s all too real, and there is no shortage in the line of chumps clamoring to throw their change at this Master of the 1911.

If Picasso could come back and paint a 1911 masterpiece, then a Stan Chen custom would be his muse. A master builder such as this isn’t sitting around twiddling his thumbs waiting for business to pick up. Instead, like many of you, he doesn’t have enough time in a day. This hard fact makes it increasingly more difficult for Chen to be able to provide product for us mere peasants. A wave of change is upon us and now we can all get some “Chen”, and at a very reasonable price.

Stan Chen Customs is dropping a one-piece magwell design that will enhance any quality full-size 1911. Big deal, I have one of those, you might think. Guaranteed it’s not like this one. Chen’s new patented one-piece design does not add any length to your 1911 and it will stand up to all but the most insane abuse that you can throw at it. Two tabs that Chen calls SIRT (side impact reinforcement tabs) sit on either side of the magwell and give it the necessary support for unsurpassed strength and rigidity. “Less-than” magwells of this sort can twist under formidable impact, transforming your 1911 into a tactical hammer at the most inopportune time.

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