Today the United States of America as a whole lives a completely different lifestyle than our forefathers. Now I could reference all kinds of differences between now and then but in this article, I’m going to concentrate on one subject in particular. The subject that I’m referring to is a Warrior Lifestyle.

This is something that I feel we have moved away from as Americans. Make no mistake our country use to be a warrior culture. Our country was founded by warriors; men that took cold blued steel and fought to the death to build our nation. Their ideology was far from “let’s not offend” or “we might hurt people’s feelings”, etc.

Our founding fathers were rebellious and courageous. They were men of principle. Principals that they would give their lives to uphold. They were warriors in every sense of the word.

With those types of personalities at the helm, our country was destined to be a powerful nation. Throughout the years those principles and lifestyles have been diluted. Back in those days, everyone needed to know how to defend him or herself. Everyone needed to know how to catch and kill dinner. People needed to know how to sew clothes and wounds. They needed to know these things because that is what it takes to survive in a world that is unforgiving.

Now some would say we are blessed not to live that way anymore. Others “like me” feel we have wondered way to far from those principles.

I can tell you it is obvious to me especially when I get together for a family event or some other gathering and the big topic is the “new I Phone” or “Bob shot Par on the course today it must be that new driver of his”.

Yes, we live in a much different time than that of our forefathers. We are blessed that we are able to live this way because of the principles that our forefathers upheld. Today I believe we are starting to run out of the fat that we have been feeding off of for years. I believe our lifestyles have to change if we expect to continue to live with the freedoms and luxuries we have come to cherish.

One of the reasons I believe our country as a whole has forgotten a lot of our principles and core survival skills is technology. Technology has taken us to a whole different level. We have evolved with the times and much of it is necessary.

But I also believe throughout our country’s evolutionary process we have been crippled in many ways. We have become overly dependent on it.

Now I’m not going to knock technology for the simple fact that it has and does allow us to kick ass on the battlefield. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take it upon ourselves to learn and stay proficient in the core fundamentals and skill sets without the use of technology.

That I feel is where technology has crippled us. Our hard skills as a country are nowhere close to where they use to be. If you took technology away from our citizens tomorrow we’d get our asses handed to us on all fronts.

Let me give you this as an example. What would happen if half of the United States lost power for 2 weeks? I’ll give you a couple of scenarios. Most people would be screwed for the simple fact that most of them don’t carry any cash on them. ATM’s would be down because they need the power to work. People wouldn’t be able to get gas because the pumps don’t work when there is no power. Stores would be closed because they need the power to run their registers. How will people survive without being able to purchase water and food?

I could go on but you get the picture. I’m not even going to get into the sheeple who have no idea or means to defend themselves or their property. That is a whole new article in itself. But it goes along with what I’m discussing.

How many people do you know who can actually take a topographical map, plot their position and navigate from point A to B with a compass, overland without using roads? How many folks do you know who could kill an animal, skin it out and butcher it? I know a few because of the people I run with but I know a lot more that wouldn’t have the faintest idea. I think that is substandard to say it mildly.

Here is another example. How many people do you know who, if you gave them weapon whether it be a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, would be able to load it and use it effectively? Heck, how many people do you know who could do that without s***ting themselves?

Once again, far too many people are foreign to and far from the core principle and skill sets our forefathers could accomplish more than 200 years ago.

The point I’m trying to make is I firmly believe that every American should be able to accomplish these tasks. I also believe even with more conviction that if your career revolves around saving lives or defeating bad guys than your primary hobbies shouldn’t be golfing, watching reality TV, or sitting your fat ass on a bar stool at a sports bar.

If you carry a gun for a living, that is a lifestyle, and it should be treated as such because people’s lives depend on it.

Your hobbies should be things that strengthen you as a warrior. Get into IDPA or 3 gun competitions. Start learning a mixed martial art. Get your families into outdoor activities like camping, fishing or hunting. If you have a son or daughter that is old enough to play sports and they don’t know how to handle a weapon than you should have your ass kicked! I mean that literally.

I view you as part of cancer that this nation is being eaten by. If your excuse is “my spouse won’t let me” well you should both have your asses kicked!! Be a man for crying out loud. Or if you’re a woman what kind of man are you hooked up with? I’d be embarrassed and ashamed!!!

I’m passionate about this subject, as you all might have figured out. I’m like that because I believe in what our country was founded on. I swore to protect our great nation. I take that very seriously and I look at anyone or anything that weakens my country as a hostile invading force that needs to be dealt with.

I know life is busy and it’s even more so this day and age. But I believe it is our duty as Americans and parents to preserve what our nation was. It’s what makes us Americans. We are unique and I want to see that it stays that way.

We need to take time out of our busy lives to learn and to teach the core skill sets of survival and war. We need to build the framework for our youngsters. If we don’t do that, the Warrior Lifestyle will be lost.

We are not above having severe issues that can cripple our nation such as power outages, food shortages, and do I dare say it, civil unrest. Because when those things start happening and people can’t find water and food, civil unrest is what is going to happen and in all forms and none of them are pretty.

I want to leave you all with one last thought. What do you all think is going to happen when our country finally goes bankrupt? Do a little research and see for yourself. There is no coming back from the type of debt we are in. We will go bankrupt in due time.

What will the 50% of Americans do that are living off of the government tit when it finally goes dry? Any way you look at it it’s not going to be pretty. Those people are not going to go quietly in the night I can assure you.

Take the time and learn the skills that it takes to be a warrior. Then take the time and teach those skills to the people you love. Because there is a good chance that you will need those skills one day.

I can tell you the last place you want to be learning a new skill is when your life depends on it. Start living a Warrior Lifestyle.

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*Photo courtesy of DVIDS