It’s cold, snowy and wet here in Northeastern Ohio, so I decided to take some of our Crate Club products out to see if I could get a fire started. I’m using products that were sent out in previous crates to give you an idea of what type of products we include in the crates as well as the practical use of them.

As you can see sometimes getting a fire started isn’t as easy as it seems. If I used a longer Firesteel I probably could have gotten the Exotac Tinder ignited quicker. Being that my hands were really cold and it was windy just add’s to the complexity of a simple task. Get out into the field and test your gear and skills. Nothing replaces dirt time.

Products used in this Video:

  • Exotac TinderTin
  • Exotac FireSteel
  • Custom Taurus Folding Knife (This is a collaboration between the Crate Club staff and Taurus and was only made available to Crate Club subscribers).

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