Sometimes it’s the simple things that work the best.  Take for instance the original Mic Loop.  Until you’ve needed The Mic Loop you probably won’t understand The Mic Loop.  Don’t make that mistake, just get one now and save yourself the problems.

Many years ago I initiated a traffic stop on a wanted felon.  He failed to stop and the pursuit began.  After crashing through a chain link gate and showering the roads with sparks for several blocks, all four tires were flattened and the wheels spun within the tires putting on quite the smoke show and bringing his rig to a slow, anti-climatic stop.  My backup unit and I began a high-risk traffic stop when said bad-guy decided to give us a little bit more of a show by running from us.

As we stumbled through backyards in the dark, I had one big misstep on an uneven yard and took a dive head first like I was sliding into home base.  My portable radio, with what was an attached shoulder mic, launched from me and all communications was lost for the remainder of the chase.  My partner made an amazing running shot with his TASER and bad guy went to jail but that moment of losing my shoulder mic stuck with me.

A simple yet effective design of hook and loop closure to your body armor, tethering the microphone to your body just flat out works.  Losing your microphone may seem like an inconvenience but it’s so much more, that radio is your lifeline!

The Mic Loop is marketed to law enforcement officers but could be very handy to anyone that is tasked with wearing a radio with a mic and you have something for it to hook to.

When I initially received my Mic Loop for review, I was a little perplexed about how I was going to make it work with my fancy new Bluetooth Motorola mic.  It was a simple problem to solve by running it through the D-Ring on the clip and attaching The Mic Loop to my body armor.

If you wear traditional, concealed body armor, go with The Mic Loop Original.  If you use a plate carrier or external body armor, go with The Mic Loop MICRO.  At about $10.99 for the original and about $9.99 for the Micro, it’s a smart investment.