(Article courtesy of Tactical Life)

Steiner’s popular M332 and M536 battle sights have been updated with a new Quick Detach (QD) mount for 2017. The mount boasts an improved lock release, which makes it easier for the end user to open the levers for sight removal, even when wearing gloves.

As the press release notes, the M332 features a 32mm objective, 3x fixed magnification and illuminated ballistic reticle for great performance day or night. It’s a smaller version of the M536, and both are optimized for use on any carbine or patrol rifle.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned M536 gives you a fast, clear aiming point, regardless of the light condition or battlefield scenario. The oversized 36mm objective lens gathers more light for a bright image, while 5x magnification offers you the ability to put rounds on target out to 700 meters, and the 10-setting illuminated reticle enables you to quickly transition from close to medium-range targets at any time of day.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life