The Stick Up! Holster by 2A Holster is a fantastic idea.  Using large, secure suction cups you can mount the Stick Up! in your car, your nightstand, under your desk – pretty much anywhere.  The kydex holster comes complete with extra suction cups and hardware.  There are multiple mounting holes so that you can configure it your needs.

Available in more than a dozen colors you can customize the holster to either blend in or contrast to its environment.

The Stick Up! fits most popular pistols.  Don’t see yours in the list?  Contact 2A Holsters to see if they will custom manufacturer one for you.

I have had mine for several months now and it is as secure as the day I mounted it.

2A Holster also makes OWB and IWB holsters as well as magazine pouches.

Stick Up!


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