The Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove by FH Industries is easily one of the best pieces of outdoor gear that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Anyone who has ever made or been around a Dakota fire pit will instantly feel familiar around this particular product. Utilizing the same principle as a Dakota fire pit, cool air is drawn into the combustion chamber once the fire starts, which allows for nearly complete combustion of the materials being burned.

Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove | Review

The resulting fire is extremely efficient, burning from the top to the bottom, which sucks in a constant flow of air from below the fuel. With this product, you are able to hear the air being forced into the feed tube and into the chimney. The sound of this process is similar to that of a rocket, hence the name Rocket Stove.

Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove | Review

Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove | Review

The Stovehinge Rocket Stove is capable of temperatures well over 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, any wet wood left in the feed tray will quickly have the moisture removed and it will burn quickly. I was able to use pieces of an old fence post, freshly cut wood, and wood that was soaked from many storms. Once I got the fire going, there was no stopping it. In less than 5 minutes, I had a completely smokeless fire capable of boiling quarts of water in no time.

The Stovehinge comes in 4 stainless steel components, which are folded and stored in a hard case. The case itself is sturdy enough, but the handle feels like it may break off at any moment. It has yet to present an issue, but it’s one that I expect to happen sooner than later.

The chimney and feed tube are both made of 16 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel. To say that this thing is heavy is an understatement. Weighing in at around 12 pounds inside the hard case, it is not an item you’ll want to take on your next backpack trip unless you’re willing to lug it around.

Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove | Review

The chimney comes wrapped up in insulation that allows the fire to burn hotter and more efficient than it would without. It is possible to achieve even better insulation by filling the entire unit outside of the chimney with dirt. Once it’s all packed in, you’ll have plenty of insulation to really get the fire going for a long time. A hinged grate allows for cooking pots to be placed directly over the fire in the event you need to make breakfast or to boil water.

The craftsmanship that went into making this product is evident every time I unfold it and get it ready for use. It’s sturdy enough and heavy enough that it will resist any kind of tipping. A separator plate slides into the feed tube and allows for fuel to be placed on top while creating a separate channel for the air to feed from under the fire.

Stovehinge Collapsible Rocket Stove | Review

All in all, this product is definitely worth the $119 asking price. I only wish that it wasn’t so heavy, but the material used and the durability of the product easily make up for any extra heft. Be sure to pick one up from FH Industries.

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