Streamlight Keymate USB Review

One of the leading innovators in lighting tools, Streamlight, is at it again with their new Keymate USB. The product is a hands free area light in the shape of a typical house key. With a max of 35 lumens, the Keymate USB is capable of providing light in the darkest of areas.

One of the best features of the Keymate USB is the IPX4 weather resistant rating, which means it is resistant to splashing water from any direction. It’s probably best to keep your keys from dropping into a puddle for too long, but anything else and you should be good to go!

The light is made from a Polycarbonate and Die Cast frame, which has been tested to be resistant up to 1 meter, which is well within the height you are likely to drop your keys from. In fact, I dropped mine the first day I used it, which resulted in a sub-surface crack within the lens that covers the LEDs. Fortunately, the product is as tough as it claims and I’ve had no issues come up with function or brightness.

Streamlight Keymate USB Review

There is a snap hook on the top of the light that allows you to easily attach to a keyring or zipper. The key is 2.9 inches long and 1.08 inches wide, with a thickness of half an inch. Weighing in at half an ounce, the Keymate USB is the perfect addition to your everyday carry gear. The LED strip on the longest part of the key is rated at 50,000 total lifetime hours.

A recessed on/off button keeps the light from activating accidentally inside the pocket, which has yet to be an issue for me. Pressing the button once activates the low power mode at 16 lumens. Pressing it again with 1.5 seconds turns on the high power mode at 35 lumens. One last press of the button turns on the flash mode, which operates at the highest power. Once any light mode is activated, a button press after 1.5 seconds will turn the light off.

Streamlight Keymate USB Review

The Keymate USB uses a 110 mAh Lithium Polymer battery, which is charged using the included micro-USB cable. A rubber dust cover on the side of the Keymate USB protects the charge port. My only concern with this product is the reliability of the dust cover. It is very thin at the hinge point and it feels as though it may detach as some point in the near future if I’m not gentle with it.

Streamlight Keymate USB Review

The LED surrounding the power button will glow red when the unit is charging and green when it is fully charged. A dead battery takes 3 hours to reach a full charge. At high power, the light will run for 1 hour, and 2 hours at the low power and flash mode.

Streamlight Keymate USB Review

All in all, the Streamlight Keymate USB is an excellent piece of equipment to have at hand. I’ve used it more times than I ever imagined I would, whether I’m at work, home, or just out and about. You don’t realize how useful a keyring light can be until you find yourself needing one. I highly recommend this product for everyday carry use and will be using it myself for a long time to come.

The Streamlight Keymate USB can be purchased at an MSRP of $28.00.

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