What’s up guys. Today we will be looking at the Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II headlamp/helmet light. This little light is a solid piece of equipment for anyone from outdoor enthusiast to astronauts. When I first saw this light and received it, I was very skeptical of the design, toughness and lumens. Surprisingly this light is a very versatile light that can use CR123A or AA batteries; which is convenient. I have had the light on for a few hours at a time and never had battery issues. The light has four different settings (white light, red light, blue light and infrared red (IR) light). The white light is the brightest as expected, but each setting besides the IR has four different brightness settings. When using the white light I can easily see up too 50 meters, which is very useful for many environmental and mission sets. The sidewinder personally stands out to me, because it comes in a little kit that includes a helmet mount and headband. The light easily and quickly connects into both the helmet band and mounts allowing both hands to be free. Overall I would recommend this light to anyone who wants a durable and versatile light that can be used in a tactical or outdoor setting. I have personally used this light for both hiking and work, because of its functionality.


Author – Kyle Stroub is an Infantryman in the Army. He has been buying, testing, and modifying gear for a few years now as a hobby for both his job and for his love of hiking and outdoor adventures.