Light when and where you need it

Having light when you need it can make or break you!  A light that is reliable, bright, durable, and functions in ways you didn’t know you needed is invaluable.  The Streamlight Siege X USB lantern is one of those lights you might not have realized you needed until you use it.

Streamlight Siege X USB rechargeable outdoor lantern

Streamlight Means Quality

Streamlight continues their legacy of tradition, quality and innovation with the Siege X USB.

The Siege is easy to use and intuitive.  The white output modes allows a low light, medium, and high settings when using it as a lantern.  You can also switch it to red output mode with a single brightness setting or turn the red light into a SOS flash that will last a surprisingly long time of 90 hours! Streamlight also put a traditional feeling flashlight into this thing that has two settings of low and high.

With one button to interact with, the user quickly learns that the duration of the press determines the outcome.  Pushing the button within 1.5 seconds of the last button push will change the light level or intensity.  When doing this, you scroll through the different brightness levels until you have the brightness you want or it turns off.

With the light already on, you push and hold for 2 seconds to scroll through white lantern light, red lantern light, red lantern flashing SOS, and flashlight mode.

Streamlight Siege X USB rechargeable outdoor lantern

Solutions to Mounting

The Siege features a spring loaded D-Ring on one end that can be stored flush to the unit when not in use.  It also has a handy handle hook that you can hang the light from any edge or bar.  When it’s not in use, it is designed to lock in the stowed position.

The Streamlight Siege X uses either two CR123 cell batteries or one Streamlight 18650 USB rechargeable cell (included with USB cord).  You simply undo the cover on the bottom and remove the battery for charging.

The operating switch also serves as a charge indicator.  With a complete charge time of about 5 hours, it will glow green when done.  During use, the color of the switch indicates to you the remaining battery life.

This lantern is durable and well thought out.  I’m looking forward to using it this summer when camping and know I’ll be reaching for it when crawling underneath my Jeep in the middle of the forest.

• Multiple modes:
• White LED:
• High for brightest light: 325 lumens; runs 4.5 hours
• Medium for bright light and longer run times: 170 lumens; runs 7.75 hours
• Low provides extended run times for when less light is needed: 30 lumens; runs 25 hours
• Red LED:
• High – Steady (night vision preserving mode): 1.6 lumens; runs 22 hours
• Flash SOS mode for emergency signaling: 1.6 lumens; runs 90 hours
• Night vision preserving mode extends run time for emergency preparedness
• Flashlight Mode
• High: 300 lumens; runs 3.5 hours
• Low: 40 lumens; runs 25 hours
• Top of lantern functions as a flashlight with High and Low modes


Uses 18650 USB rechargeable battery; also accepts two CR123A lithium batteries, so you always have a light when you need it

• Polycarbonate glare-reducing cover provides soft, even 360° light distribution; comfortable to use in close quarters without straining your eyes
• Stand it upright, use it as an overhead light or hang it with integrated D-ring
• Rugged polymer construction with rubber molded base that provides stability on slippery or uneven surfaces
• Ergonomic handle designed to lock in upright or stowed position; incorporated hang hook
• Recessed power button prevents accidental activation; features battery level indicator
• Battery level indicator changes from green, to yellow, to red, then to flashing red when batteries reach the end of their usable life.


High Lumens: 325
Run Time:  25.00 hours
Battery Type:  CR123A Lithium, 18650 Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Quantity:  1 – 2
Length: 4.35 inches (11.05 centimeters)
Weight:  7.20 ounces (204.12 grams)
Colors:  Coyote

• IPX7 waterproof to 1m submersion; 2m impact resistance tested
• 4.35” (11.05 cm); 7.2 oz. (204.12g) 18650 USB battery; 6.8 oz. (192.78g) CR123A batteries
• Available in Coyote
• RoHS compliant