In my of line work as an EMS helicopter pilot, having a  durable and reliable light at night is paramount. Whether I am conducting pre-flight, post-flight or just a walk-around in between hops. I need a light that is bright enough to see what I am doing but not so bright that it could be seen from the International Space Station. Insert the Streamlight Stylus Pro 360.  This light was sent to me a couple of weeks ago and it is exactly what I have been looking for (at least for my work light). Previously I carried the Nebo Redline Select (follow link to read review), and while it has been a good EDC work light and a good value, it was almost too big and bulky for my needs.


While the Nebo has more options in the area of selecting brightness, the Pro 360 is plenty bright enough at 65 lumens and at just under 6 Inches, it’s almost like it was made to fit in the pen pocket of my flight suit. Thanks to the pocket clip, there is no risk of this thing sliding out or banging against the side of the helicopter.For me, the less things I have dangling or hanging off of me while on a night flight the better, there is enough to get in my way already.

Fits perfect in Flight Suit



The bell-shaped rubber sleeve on the end of the light is a tooth saver. Chipping a tooth while working with both hands is no longer a worry. and The Pro 360 also comes with a lanyard and a tear resistant nylon holster.  The lantern feature which offers a hands free use and 360 degrees of light (hence the name), is a cool feature, just not one that I would use on a daily basis.

Lantern Function

Streamlight has put out another very functional light that some will like and some wont.  If you wan to see the other Streamlight products we have reviewed so you can make your own educated decision, follow the link provided here.

Specifications courtesy of

High Lumens:  65
Run Time:  6.50 hours
Beam Distance:  41 meters
Max Candela:  430
Battery Type:  AAA Alkaline
Battery Quantity:  2
Length:  5.90 inches (14.99 centimeters)
Weight:  1.90 ounces (53.86 grams)
Colors:  Black