The newly redesigned Streamlight Survivor LED light was originally crafted with firefighters and emergency medical personnel in mind, but it excels when used in many other professions and applications, too. The Survivor LED is assembled right here in the United States, and we here at The Loadout Room really like to support our domestic manufacturers when we can.

Streamlight has made this tough little flashlight with safety in mind; it has passed ANSI/NFPA standards to be used in Class 1, Division 1 areas of operation. In English, that means it’s safe to use in areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or liquids are present continuously or frequently within the atmosphere under normal operation conditions. So you can see this light is not designed to operate in nice, clean, safe environments. It should serve any of us just fine regardless of our environment.

Colors available: International safety orange, hi-viz yellow, black

Batteries: Available with both alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries. Four required.

Weight: Rechargeable—1lb. 9 oz. / 508 grams. Alkaline—13.1 oz  / 371 grams.

Dimensions: height 7.06″ / width 2.85″ / depth 2.87″

Bulb type: Light emitting diode (LED)

Lens: Polycarbonate with interchangeable inserts for adjustable beam style, from narrow to wide. Lens sealed to body with O-ring seals.

Illuminating power: Rechargeable: high setting—41,000 candela/175 lumen with 405-meter range, 3.5-hour runtime. Low setting—14,000 candela/60 lumen with 237-meter range, 13-hour runtime.

Alkaline: Same specs as rechargeable with the exception of four-hour runtime on high, 15 hours runtime on low.

MSRP: $49.99-99.99 depending on retailer.

Impact resistance: Two-meter drop resistance

Unique features: Safe for use in and near hazardous and flammable materials, customizable beam width, spring-loaded clip on back to secure to your coat or firefighting gear.

Pros: Well built, safe, easy to use, American-built product. Easy to attach to coat or gear with spring clip or D-ring located on top

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Cons: Lower lumen output than I would like.

Overall performance: While not the brightest light on the market, I think you will be hard pressed to find one that can take the amount of abuse that this light can withstand. Backed by a lifetime warranty, it’s a can’t-miss choice.

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If you are looking for a serious light that you don’t have to worry about being gentle with, then the Streamlight Survivor LED is perfect for you. Firefighters and emergency medical technicians use gear that their lives and the lives of others depend on; in this writer’s opinion, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. Ninety-nine percent of us will never come close to the situations that this light was designed for. It is also made in the United States by a company that offers a lifetime warranty—that is a pretty hard combination to beat.

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