It is an unfortunate dichotomy that the smallest guns that are most frequently carried for self-defense are often the ones that are the least likely to have many, if any, light options. Many modern full size handguns have accessory rails that open up a wealth of options for white lights. But the tiniest guns – those often carried in the pockets or waistbands of people just trying to defend themselves – are underserved by the tactical lighting industry.

When lights and/or lasers are made for subcompact pistols, the units tend to be either bulky or underpowered. Consider the recent introduction of the Taurus Curve. The integral lights used in those pistols put out only a meager 25 lumens. This is hardly any brighter than the tiny keychain light in my pocket and far inferior to the tiny Streamlight ProTac 1AAA flashlightthat puts out nearly three times as much light.

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