The Streamlight TLR-6 is a small handgun mounted light/laser combo that is designed to be affixed to a weapon and left attached indefinitely.  Housing a 100 lumen C4 LED illuminator and a 640-660nm red laser, the TLR-6 fits on more than 18 subcompact pistols, and many more full and mid-sized guns.

Streamlight TLR-6 | Tiny Light, Big Performance
Size comparison next to the Glock factory light/laser

This light is both shockproof and IPX4 water-resistant.  The engineering polymer used in the housing is tough and incredibly lightweight.  The TLR-6 comes in at 2.3-2.9″ long and a scant 32-36 grams (depending on model).  The CR-1/3n batteries can be replaced without removing the light, which has a run time of approximately one hour, the laser coming in at eleven.

Streamlight TLR-6 | Tiny Light, Big Performance
The guts of the light, shown during install

Everything you need to install the TLR-6 onto your handgun’s trigger guard and rail is included in the box.  Three screws clamp the two halves of the housing together using the included allen key.  The light and/or laser are activated by pressing one of the buttons on the right or left side.  Pressing both at the same time switches between modes, with light only, laser only and light with laser being the options.  A quick tap on the power button leaves the light on, while holding it down cuts the power as soon as you release the button.

Streamlight TLR-6 | Tiny Light, Big Performance
The beam of the Glock factory light


Streamlight TLR-6 | Tiny Light, Big Performance
The beam of the TLR-6. The laser is clearly visible to the eye but I had trouble picking it up with the camera

If 100 lumens doesn’t sound like an overwhelming amount of light, let me present two points. One, the parabolic reflector keeps a very tight, focused beam in the midst of a wide peripheral illuminating ring.  Two, huge lumen counts come with downsides, namely bigger size and the chance to blind the person aiming down the sights as well as the target.  The TLR-6 is designed to stay on your defensive handgun no matter if you’re at home or out in the city.

I’ve found the TLR-6 to be more than sufficient for clearing the house.  100 well-focused lumens is plenty in the middle of the night at normal “Castle Doctrine” distances.  The laser holds zero and gives an effective option for low-light aiming.

Small enough for CCW, bright enough for home defense and versatile enough for both.  The Streamlight TLR-6 is an effective tool to have at your disposal.  This product can be had for $99-$118 depending on model, with many holster options already available.