In an early morning social media post, Mick Strider just announced that Strider Knives will be closing its doors. The timing left some fans wondering if the news could be a premature April Fool’s joke, but that appears not to be the case. “The last Strider Knives will be sold at Blade Show 2017, at the end of which we will strike the Strider Knives colors,” Strider wrote.

After 25 years in business, Strider says that he is satisfied with the company’s legacy and wants to leave on a high note. “We would rather finish strong than start doing the Indian casino circuit,” he explained. “When we started this there was a giant hole in the knife industry. We filled that hole .. we have earned a rest.”

As for the future, Strider said he’ll continue to produce high end customs within his Classic Line. He also reassured Strider owners that he’ll honor their warranties on an ongoing basis.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News