The Strike Survival Company features a variety of outdoor gear that comes in handy for most survival, emergency, and disaster situations. Their products are great and hold up when used in many weather conditions and terrains. Several Military personnel, survivalists, and campers rely on their items for their functionality, durability, and usefulness in the field.

The Premium Fire Starters are a great way to ensure you always have fire. The Fire Starters are not just 100% made in the USA, but they are manufactured using USA produced materials.  What can’t you like about that? Depending on what particular finish you choose, each type of wood grain will offer a unique pattern and color, so no two fire starters are the exactly the same. You have a couple of different options to choose from as far as finish goes. This refers to what particular type of wood you want the handle to be made out of. Your options of Walnut, Cherry or Oak handles have multiple layers of a hardened and sealed gloss outer finish that gives the fire starter a clear beautiful look that will last years in the outdoors and elements while you enjoy your adventures.

Strike Survival Spark Tool Review

The Ferrocerium, or “ferro rod” is a man-made metallic material that produces hot sparks at temperatures of about 3,000 °C (5,430 °F) when scraped against a rough surface, such as rigid steel, like the back-end of a knife blade, for example. The flint and steel rods are 5/16” in diameter and 2 ½” long which will last an extremely long time. The Compass is inlaid at the bottom of the solid wood handle to help guide you get where you are going, so hopefully you never get lost. So overall the length including the compass is just over 6’, so it fits great in the hand and doesn’t take up any space at all with your load out.

Strike Survival Spark Tool Review

As for someone who is an outdoor adventurist, the ability to make a fire when we need it is a must.  In fact in some scenarios, it creates a life or death situation.  A fire can be used for more than creating heat or warmth. The Premium Fire Starters are a great tool to have with you.  No more worrying about lighter fluid or wasting your time on lighters.  The Strike Survival Fire Starter is a must have for any situation you encounter.  Head over to Strike Survival for more information and more products to help you get through your adventure.

Author – Chandler Brookins is a former US Navy Veteran with multiple deployments to SE Asia and The Middle East, while attached to many Tier 1 Special Operation Groups.  Chandler has also served as a Dallas Police Officer for 3 years, before focusing his efforts on civilian SERE training and security assessments.