The StripLULA is a 10 round 5.56/.223 magazine loader.  It weigh’s in at a mere 1.5 oz, has a universal fit, and is military grade. The StripLULA is small (pocket-sized) and lightweight.  It is tough and durable; made of glass-filled, UV protected, high-strength polymer.

Maglula Ltd is an Israeli company owned and operated by Ran Tal and his family since 2001.  Ran likes to fix problems that he sees in the world and has done just that his whole life.  Currently, Ran is focused on the problem of efficiently and comfortably loading firearm magazines!  He’s onto something with his line of pistol and rifle magazine loaders that are simple, easy to use, and efficient.  No more thumb pain or difficulty loading that last round in a new magazine with Ran’s tools, including his 5.56/.223 magazine loader the StripLULA

What Is It?

With only one moving part, it’s difficult to not figure this thing out!

How Does it Work?

Attach the StripLULA to your magazine, slide in your ten-round stripper clip or 10 loose rounds, flip the top, press down, drop the stripper, and you’re done!  It’s really that easy to do.

Who Needs this Tool?

If you’ve ever struggled getting the rounds into a magazine or ever needed to get it done quickly; this tool is for you.

I’ve attended instructor courses where we’ve gone through 1,000 to 1,500 rounds or more in a couple of days’ worth of shooting.  Having the StripLULA would have saved me a great deal of time!

In addition to making your time more efficient and your thumb more comfortable, MagLula claims that using their tool increases the life of your magazines by keeping the lips of the magazine intact (reducing wear and tear) and helps keep the magazines cleaner.

If you’re looking for a product that makes you more efficient, helps you spend more time shooting and less time loading, and helps your magazines last longer than this is an investment you can’t afford not to make.

Spend more time shooting and less time loading; get yourself a StripLULA for about $27.00 and I’ll see you on the range.  Do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t buy a cheap knockoff of the original.

The StripLULA can be found for sale at a variety of stores including Academy, BrownellsMidwayUSACabela’sBassProDick’s Sporting GoodsTurner’sCheaperThanDirtSportsman’s GuideShopRuger.