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Garra – The Strongest Force

João Paulo Moralez

A black Chevrolet Trailblazer blends with the darkness of the night and, at the same time, the blinding lights of São Paulo. Moving at high speed with three police officers inside, it moves through the avenues of the city toward a favela to investigate a complaint of illegal drug sales and drug dealers in possession of illegal weapons.

The Strongest Force (GARRA)

On the moment of arrival, the police team disembarks to search on foot. As alleys, passages, and corridors reach only 23 inches in width, it’s impossible to use even motorcycles. The incursion in these urban labyrinths where a twilight predominates must be done with foot and with extreme caution. The Imbel MD-97L 5.56mm caliber rifle also cannot be used. There is no space. Only .40 pistols can be used in the showdown.

The Strongest Force (GARRA)

After walking a few dozen feet a suspect sees the police and tries to escape. He is chased and throws cocaine on the floor, as well as money that was in his pocket. The police officers catch the suspect when he reaches a wall he can’t jump. In custody, he gives up his friends’ location. With them are large quantities of drugs, 7.62mm assault rifles, 9mm pistols and other contraband.

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