The Glock automatic pistols are well known for their reliability, ease of disassembly and ease of use. They are simple, Spartan weapons that do their job. You pull the trigger and the gun goes bang. While overall they are great guns they don’t do anything exceptionally well. The sights aren’t great, the trigger is meh, and the grip is terrible. The good news is its pretty easy to Frankenstein your Glock with better sights, better triggers, and basically each and every part can be swip swapped. This Gen 4 Glock 17 MOS is my first Glock and my first upgrade is the Suarez Face Shooter Trigger and the Suarez firing pin.

The Suarez Face Shooter…

Gabe Suarez is not a guy who minces words. He’s certainly a controversial instructor, and he’s not a person to tip toe around what self-defense firearms are used for. The Suarez Face Shooter is designed to be a duty or carry trigger. It’s not a trigger designed to give you a super lightweight, feather-like pull. Its designed to give you a better trigger pull, not necessarily a lighter one.

The Suarez International Face Shooter uses an anodized aluminum trigger and trigger safety tab. The trigger bar is a highly polished stainless steel Gen 3 trigger bar with 316 stainless steel pins. Everything looks and feels amazing. You can tell the trigger and trigger blade safety are precision machined. The trigger safety slides perfectly into the trigger and never pinches, or hurts the trigger finger.

On the Range

The first thing you notice is that this flat face trigger feels wider than the standard Glock trigger. The flat face of the trigger helps reduce your finger’s reach. For smaller hands, this is great, for XL hands like mine it doesn’t make a major difference. The flat face trigger feels great to the trigger finger though.

The flat face nature of the trigger gives you more leverage over the trigger. This does a few different things. First of all its less fatiguing to the trigger finger when putting hundreds of rounds downrange. It also gives you more control over the trigger. I’m having a hard time describing exactly how it differs from a standard Glock trigger.


You Drive it.

The best way to describe it is that it’s not a trigger, but a gas pedal. When I press it, the gun goes. The increased control it offers means I’m thinking less about my trigger pull and focusing more on the threat. When I’m driving a car I’m putting most of my focus on the road ahead of me, not on how I push the gas pedal. The trigger gives me complete control over it. 

The extended control allows me to pull the trigger in a controlled manner, but rapidly. It’s also much easier to ride the reset. The smoother pull results in less jump as I let the trigger go.

The trigger also eliminates most of the pre-travel, but enough is left that the trigger is still safe. Dropping it won’t result in a bad case of SIG P320 leg. The trigger is crisp and breaks really cleanly. It forces you to pull it straight rearward due to its design and shape.

The Face Shooter is a massive improvement over the stock Glock trigger. Pulling the Face Shooter trigger as slow as you can shows just how improved this trigger is over most. When combined with the Suarez firing pin you get a superbly smooth and grit free trigger pull. The Suarez firing pin is an NPE coated firing pin that glides inside its channel.

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What about the Weight?

Again this trigger is designed for duty and does not change the weight of the trigger in any way. It remains that standard 5.5 ish Glock pull weight. Think about triggers like a knife blade. The standard Glock trigger is a dull blade, and the Suarez Face Shooter is a sharp one. It’s the same knife, but one works a lot better than the other.

The Glock can be anything you want it to be. If you want it to be a pistol made for USPAA it can be. If you want it to be combat pistol it can be. The Suarez Face Shooter is designed for combat pistols and performs as such. Suarez International sells the Face Shooter for only 60 bucks, and after seeing the difference a trigger can make I’d say its well worth it.