Diamondback Firearms’ DB-10 proves excellent in testing and has an price way below the competition.  The group pictured was shot by Erika and consists of five, not three, rounds of Federal Match .308 from 100 yards.

Everyone has an AR-15 or three, and so now we look for something different.  The AR-10 is nothing new, but has tended to be priced out of the average-shooter’s budget.  With rifles typically selling for close to $2,000 and rounds hovering around a buck a pop the AR-10 has mostly been something to fawn over but not own.  The recent availability of surplus 7.62×51 solved the ammo issue.  Diamondback has solved the pricing issue.

Not having much experience with an AR-10 I was impressed with how beefy the Diamondback DB-10 is built, yet balanced well enough to be handled like a battle riffle.  A few nice touches were incorporated to make the rifle unique, but nothing so outlandish that it will be seen as faddish next year.

So many features at such a low price point, you’re likely wondering the same thing I was: How does it shoot? Sub MOA.