I hate band-aids – they’re pesky, get in the way and finding one that allows you to continue complete dexterity while wearing it is next to impossible.  They need to be replaced what seems like every 4 or 5 hours, they don’t stay in one place, you can’t get your hands dirty while wearing them. Did I mention that I HATE band-aids?

After seeing a friend forgo a bandage from a pretty nasty knife cut, throw on some Super Glue, and continue as if nothing happened I knew it was time to check this out.  I don’t use band-aids often anyways, however sometimes they’re necessary and when they are – well see above – I needed something new.

The Disclaimer:

So I’m not a doctor so this certainly isn’t ‘medical advice’ however I feel like there’s something so much cleaner about sealing up your cut, wound, whatever it is every few days rather than deal with some sort of bandage on top of it.  And it turns out super glue has played a larger part in our medical past than I thought.

The Details:

About 70 years ago an inventor trying to find a new substance for gun scopes in World War II happened upon super glue.  It was used here and there for different things but then in Vietnam doctors in the field used a sprayable version to patch people up long enough to get them to better medical attention.  Yes, I know that things have changed in the 40 years since then, however, the principles are still there that this stuff will certainly keep your skin together (almost too much sometimes).

The Description:

There’s definitely an art to it and it’s important to clean the wound (if possible) first, however, this has really saved me a few times so I can keep going – unimpeded.

Super Glue, A band-aid replacement?I started stashing it around my house, car, and emergency kits, you name it – there’s a tube just in case.   I also like to take this with me camping, hiking, etc. because most of the time I still need full use of all my appendages whatever I’m doing.  It’s also fairly cheap and keeps for a while so it’s not an extravagant expense for how utility it is.

 Super glue – keeping it’s shit together for 70 years