Utilizing phenomenal camera and soundwork, SuperSetCA gives us an overview on his top 5 1-6x scopes. SuperSetCA has an impressive amount of time on each optic and he dishes out knowledge in this video like a pro. A couple of qualifiers were set according to SuperSetCa, “…Must be Second Focal Plane as First Focal Plane isn’t useful except at higher magnifications, IMO. Must have covered turrets since they protect your zero better and you shouldn’t need to dial for elevation when you can just use the faster BDC/MIL drops.”

SuperSetCA breaks the scopes down by their price, windage knobs, close range speed, long range speed, reticle shape and brightness just to name a few things. SuperSetCA is a three gun guru and cinematographer extraordinaire and the man behind DynamicPieConcepts.

Author – Michael Jones is an Active Duty USAF SERE Specialist (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) currently residing in Eastern Washington. He spends his time teaching SERE and parachuting from anything that flies. On his off time he shoots and spends time with his family.