The Suppressor market is an interesting thing to watch over the years.  Many manufacturers come and go, with trends doing the same.  First, everyone wants the most efficient suppressor, then the cheapest.  It’s tough for many machine shops to find the niche where they can stand out.  Suppressed Armament Systems (SAS) has certainly found theirs; Titanium cans that are as durable as a hunk of granite while weighing as much as a fistful of sand.

Suppressed Armament Systems | Titanium Brake and Mount
It looks even better with some carbon applied at high temp and velocity

How does a 7″, 11 oz can rated for .300 Win Mag sound?  Meet the Reaper MX .  I picked up this suppressor for a customer back when I owned a class 3 gun shop in Southeast Alaska.  He moved in another direction without having fired this one so I became the lucky beneficiary of that choice.  I’ve used this can on .308, .223 and .300 Blackout for years and its light weight and efficient design have kept it at the front of the gun safe.  The thread-over-muzzle-brake (TOMB) mounting system is one of my favorites.  It combines a muzzle brake (protecting the baffles of your can) with a taper-fit thread mount.  This suppressor has never come loose on me, something a few “industry leading” manufacturers have come up short on.  A blast diverter is offered as well, something I’ve reviewed before and love.

Suppressed Armament Systems | Titanium Brake and Mount

Specifically today, I’m writing up their TOMB mount in titanium.  Part of my ongoing ultralight rifle build series that aims for a sub 6 pound AR-15 (with suppressor and optic), this Ti mount is the lightest way for me to get the lightest can I own onto the lightest rifle I can build.  It comes in at a diminutive 1.9 oz and is only 2.25″ long.

Suppressed Armament Systems | Titanium Brake and Mount

Mounting is easy and the SAS TOMB includes a peel/crush washer to make timing the brake a breeze.  More than just a vehicle to mount a suppressor, this brake holds its own as well.  Recoil reduction is extremely effective from this little fire breather.  Vertical muzzle climb wasn’t reduced nearly as much, but this isn’t a compensator and that really isn’t the priority here.  We’re talking direct recoil coming way down, shot-to-shot recovery speed going way up and if you so choose to mount either a blast diverter or suppressor, one of the best methods I’ve seen yet.

Suppressed Armament Systems has impressed me from the start with their amazing craftsmanship and commitment to producing the best products they can.  It’s hard to believe my little Reaper can handle the .300 magnum, but the proof is there.  SAS doesn’t make the least expensive suppressors or mounts, but they may be the best you can find.  The Reaper MX runs ~$1000 and the TOMB brake/mount in titanium runs $199.  Check them out!

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