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SureFire, a company that should need no introduction to our readership, has a new holster system out. This might seem odd, coming from a company primarily known for manufacturing handheld lights, WMLs, and suppressors, but, since it’s a holster made for pistols that have a suppressor attached, it sorta fits.

The new rig is called…


The MasterFire “Rapid Deploy System” is, as SureFire describes it, a “…one-of-a-kind retention holster that uses an open top design to securely retain almost any handgun or handgun configuration.”

his includes weapons equipped with suppressors and red dot sights.

How does SureFire do this, you ask? Glad you asked. They use a proprietary lug-and-cam system to lock the weaponlight and handgun in place with Level III retention.

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Photos courtesy of Breach Bang Clear