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SureFire, a company that should need no introduction to our readership, has a new holster system out. This might seem odd, coming from a company primarily known for manufacturing handheld lights, WMLs, and suppressors, but, since it’s a holster made for pistols that have a suppressor attached, it sorta fits.

The new rig is called…


The MasterFire “Rapid Deploy System” is, as SureFire describes it, a “…one-of-a-kind retention holster that uses an open top design to securely retain almost any handgun or handgun configuration.”

RCS Roland Special Phantom LC Holster

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his includes weapons equipped with suppressors and red dot sights.

How does SureFire do this, you ask? Glad you asked. They use a proprietary lug-and-cam system to lock the weaponlight and handgun in place with Level III retention.

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