The world of weapon-mounted lights and accessories has exploded in the last several years, making it harder than ever to determine which are high-quality products and which are of poor quality. Despite this, there’s one name that has risen from the pack to become synonymous with quality and durability—Surefire. In the past, we’ve brought you reviews on other Surefire products that performed spectacularly in spite of austere conditions. Today, we continue that tradition by bringing you our first impressions of the Surefire M300 Mini Scout Light.

Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum

Colors available: Black, Desert Tan

Length: 4.1 inches long

Bezel diameter: 1.125″

Weight with battery: 4.8 ounces

Battery type: Uses one 123A lithium battery

Run time: Roughly 1.3 hours

Bulb type: Light-emitting diode (LED)

Lens: Polycarbonate using Total Internal Reflection (TIR) design. Also incorporates “O-Ring” seals to prevent debris from entering.

Lumen output: 200

MSRP: $369.00

Unique features: Can be used with either a momentary-on pressure switch or a click-type actuator located on the tail cap. Uses a 7″-long cable to allow the light to be positioned well forward of the lead shooting hand while still keeping on/off control easily within the shooter’s grasp.

Pros: Two different methods of actuation for the light. High-quality construction from a reputable maker. High output in small package. Easy to mount on any weapon featuring the MIL-STD 1913 rail system.

Cons: High cost (don’t be dissuaded by the MSRP; these can be found for less at, shorter run-time than I would like.

Overall performance: Surefire’s tradition of high-output lighting in small packages continues in the M300 Mini Scout Light. It isn’t designed to be left on for routine sweeps or patrols; it is a purpose-built tool that delivers high light output in a tight beam to cover smaller areas perfectly. If you use a rifle for a “house gun” and need to illuminate rooms with high-intensity light for a short duration, this is the light for you.


The M300 Mini Scout Light is, in my opinion, a perfect light that is easy to attach and detach from any number of rifles. The thumbscrew clamps allow a user to position the light without the use of tools. Its compact size and high output are another two reasons why this light will be on the list of gear I intend to utilize often.