One of the easiest to carry non-lethal weapons is the flashlight. Not just a cheap off brand flashlight, but a high lumen light capable of temporarily blinding someone. We have covered several flashlights here on the Loadout Room and discussed the importance of carrying a light as part of your EDC. When it comes to high lumen flashlights, Surefire is at the top of the food chain.

A huge benefit of an EDC light is that it can be carried just about anywhere including airports and aboard airlines. Granted it may not be as effective as a firearm or blade, it can still buy you some time to either run or subdue the threat.

I personally always have a flashlight on me in the event I’m at a venue where the power goes out, or I need to temporarily blind a bad guy to buy myself and family a few valuable seconds to get off the X. If you find yourself in a close encounter you can also use the light as an impact weapon, especially if it has a serrated bezel. The light we are going to take a look at today is the Surefire P2X Fury. There are several models depending on what feature/s you’re looking for. Generally speaking if I am going to carry a light I don’t want one with multiple modes. I want to be able to depress the tailcap and hit the threat with the maximum amount of light. The Surefire Fury offers a version that is a single output 500 lumen LED. Check out the following video to see the various models offered from Surefire.

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