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Law enforcement countersnipers, military personnel and those engaged in executive protection have always needed compact precision rifles built for concealment. Urban engagements are generally within 300 yards, where there’s no need for rifles with longer barrels or fixed stocks. I’ve deployed precision rifles with 16-inch barrels that were perfect for most police work, and there is nothing like a folding stock to make it easier to store the gun in the trunk of your cruiser or in a backpack. This is the kind of rifle that can fit in a sleeve on the back of your plate carrier or in a discreet bag.

Of course, nothing says “stealth” like a sound suppressor, and my affinity for sound suppression on police precision rifles is pretty well known. In fact, my police department was the first law enforcement agency in the Salt Lake Valley to deploy a completely suppressed sniper unit. Why? You can train just like you deploy—without hearing protection. If you take a shot, your partner can still hear and you can both communicate. Sound suppressors also help reduce recoil, allowing you to confirm your first hit and quickly make a second shot if needed. You also won’t give away your position. Most suppressors are made of lightweight materials these days, all but eliminating point-of-impact shifts. The only disadvantage of sound suppressors is their length, but thankfully many manufacturers are coming up with practical solutions.

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