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While I thoroughly enjoy my more exotic precision rifles, I spend most of my time behind standard bolt actions—a Remington Model 700, a Winchester Model 70 or one of the many rifles that use these actions. Advancements in manufacturing technology have made these rifles astoundingly accurate, incredibly rugged, ergonomic and boringly reliable. But I wanted to create a one-of-a-kind rifle that could handle a number of tasks well, including hunting, tactical deployments and long-range matches.

Surgical Strike: Test-Firing a Custom Surgeon Scalpel in .260 Remington
With the AX chassis buttstock, shooters can adjust the length of pull, the cheekpiece and even the buttpad’s position. A hook on the bottom serves as a support-hand anchor point.

This project actually started with the stock—Accuracy International’s AX chassis system. I’ve used several complete Accuracy International rifles and chassis systems over the years, and the AX represents the pinnacle of the company’s designs. Shooters can adjust the length of pull, cheek height, buttpad and pistol grip, making it a perfect choice for prone shooting—the most common setup for police countersnipers. The buttstock also folds to the right side, making it easier to transport rifles with longer barrels and sound suppressors. Up front, the forward handguard offers Picatinny rails and KeyMod slots for accessories. All told, this chassis has excellent ergonomics without being too heavy.

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