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Surprise Star: P320 VTAC
Tamara Keel

Thursday afternoon at SHOT Show, I was standing in the Sig Sauer booth – “pavilion” would be a far more accurate term – when a friend tugged my sleeve and whispered, “Sig won the Army pistol contract. They’re announcing it in twenty minutes.” Well, that explained the full court press Sig had been putting on with the P320 at this show, with multiple new specialty variations on display. The variations included high-end versions of a gun that had rolled out with a fairly low-key launch as an affordable duty gun barely two years prior.

Surprise Star: P320 VTAC
[As our hastily-conscripted hand model demonstrates, the X-Five shoots hella flat]
They’d had three of them out to handle and do some blasting at a VIP event on Sunday afternoon before the rest of the show kicked off. First up was the rumored X-Five competition gun. Like the rest of the trio, it showed every sign of being a P320 that had been extensively worked over with input from pistolsmithing legend Bruce Gray.

Sporting a 5” bull barrel and a correspondingly lengthened slide with lightening cuts, the X-Five is obviously set up to race right out of the box. There’s a straight trigger, removable weights in the re-contoured frame, a removable factory magwell, and numerous other touches. One of the cleverest is the Dawson sights, the rear of which is actually part of a removable plate that exposes a cut for Sig’s Romeo 1 MRDS. Bonus: The gun is shipping with four – count ’em – twenty-one round magazines.

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