Sometimes we may find ourselves in a rock and hard place with little information on how to persevere. Say, you go out on an out-of-town excursion for some peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of life. On your way, your auto breaks down.

To add to your predicament, the cell reception in the area is poor, and you cannot see any signs of civilization around for miles away. How do you get through such a situation? Well, for starters, you need to calm down and focus your mind on how best to handle the situation.

Since the network is poor that probably means you will have to go for days without getting help, how then do you get food and water to last you for the few more days? Look around you for the presence of a water body with fish. You can also survive on wild berries that aren’t poisonous.

Hand Fishing

Survival Fishing Techniques For Beginners

The hand fishing technique is sometimes referred to as noodling. In hand fishing, you have to get yourself wet and dirty as you will have to wade the waters to get the fish. It is pretty simple for someone who has no experience in fishing and cannot use a fishing rod and line.

You will need to look out for holes below rocks, any uncut areas of the shore and also inside logs that are hollow. Using this method, you may be able to catch catfish and suckers. All you have to do is block the opening of these areas, reach inside with your hands and grab the fish therein with your hands.

Hold the fish by its mouth or the gills.

Stunning Fishing

The stunning fishing method has been in use especially in the years before the civilization of the human race. It involves the use of particular plants to stun/poison the fish. What can you use to make this natural poison for the fish?

You can make lime from cooking mussel shells in a fire, crush them and then drop it in the water. You can also use husks from walnuts. Some plants, such as the Mullein and Buckeye can also be used as the natural poison.

This method is only recommended for survival fishing and in shallow pools of water. You need not kill all the fish in the water. Just enough that will help you get by.

Creating a Fish Wall

To do this, you will need to locate a bend in the direction of the flow of water and dam the area, a few feet from the curve. You do not want to spook the fish that this is a trap; you want them to swim into the trap on their own.

Use several rocks and place them along the direction of water flow leaving only small spaces in between them for water to flow through your trap. Wait as the fish swim into your trap and grab them or spear them.

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Spear Fishing

Survival Fishing Techniques For Beginners

You can make a spear out of anything. Cave a spear from the pieces of wood lying around you and make a pole spear. If you don’t have a knife to make the tips of your spear sharp, you can use bone or even sharp metal that may be lying around.

This method is very useful during the night as you use your torch for lighting and to draw the fish towards you. They are drawn towards the light when it is dark. Spear your fish and prepare a meal.

Using a Fish Screen

This technique is almost similar to setting up a dam in the water, but here, the fish remain trapped and alive until you need to eat. You will need three pieces of wood, tied together with sapling branches.

You will have to place the pieces of wood at 8 or 12 inches apart. Start from the narrow end of the water, on one side, and in the direction of the flow of water. Angle the rest of the screen wall in the same direction and finish by attaching one end to the bank.

Check your trap often.


Having to survive doesn’t require great skills but having the appropriate information. You can make fishing gear from the objects lying around you. If you have a fishing hook, line and bait, lucky for you.

Use your chatterbait for muddy water or otherwise improvise. Use your hands, you will get wet but what’s better than to ensure your survival? Set up a wall or a screen to trap the fish.

Ensure that your traps are in the direction of the flow of water so that you catch the fish unawares. You sure will get through the days as you wait for help.

Guest Author – Brenda Baldwin


*Photos courtesy of Shutterstock