Okay, if you want to find a great way to have fun and let your head explode, try flipping a tractor tire.

Gyms all around the world are just recently finding out what power lifters, strong men, and many garage fitness aficionados have known for decades; flipping heavy tires is one of the best exercises for exerting force on an object or a heavy opponent quickly.  This is one of the reasons wrestlers and MMA fighters incorporate it into their fitness routines.

Social media, Crossfit, and YouTube videos have opened the doors for a lot of people who were once unaware of this form of training and many gyms are now using tires as part of their fitness programming. If you belong to a gym that has tires, try working out with one, you’ll feel challenged.

Working out with tires over a period of time can help you develop your raw power, increase your muscle size and strength, increase your athleticism, aerobic fitness and build up your confidence.  There is a certain mental payoff you obtain after lifting a 300-600 lb tire that feels different than when lifting the same amount in weight plates and a barbell bar.

Here’s a tough question. What weighs more? A 100 pounds of feathers or a pounds of gold? They weigh the same, but getting your hands wrapped around one is different from lifting the other. Each has its own inherent payoff.

One fitness blog writer wrote,” flipping tires is over-rated, you can do other exercises to get the same benefit.”  Flipping tires has a lot of mental and physical pay-offs for those who work it into their fitness program.  You might not want to lift weights all the time so doing tire flips is another avenue for obtaining optimum fitness. Your flexibility, endurance and explosive power will be tested.

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