Surviving Inside The Kill Zone covers the fighting mindset and the many aspects that build that mindset. This book does NOT tell you how to fight, nor does it replace the need for actual training, but rather it educates you on the necessary skills and mindset needed to be an effective fighter when it comes down to your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Mr. Emerson pulls not only from his vast experience, but also from those that he has learned from in both foreign and domestic military units and government agencies. Although he does cover some basic gear selection in Surviving Inside The Kill Zone, that’s not what this is about. No matter how good your gear is it will never replace knowledge and quality training.


Education – Fear makes us hesitate. Fear makes us question our abilities. Fear shakes our confidence. Fear dulls our edge and saps our strength. Fear gives our enemies their power. Power perceived is power achieved. There is a simple cure for fear and that is knowledge through educating ourselves on that which we fear.

Training – There are two fighting skills that you must learn and practice in order to prepare yourself to meet the force of a deadly attack. These two fighting skills are categorized as armed and unarmed. Armed skills include training with your firearms from an actual firearms training school; not just going to the local range and blowing through several hundred rounds of ammo. Unarmed training involves a mix of martial arts and boxing. If you had to choose one over the other go for boxing.

Conditioning – Physical fitness is primarily a confidence builder. For truly functional combat conditioning, you need to take the strength of a power lifter, the sustained power of a wrestler, and te endurance of a marathoner, then strike a balance among all three to find and reach your personal potential of functional combat conditioning. It’s not about losing weight or bodybuilding. It’s about warrior strength.

Awareness – The key to avoiding conflict before it starts is being aware of your surroundings at all times. Otherwise known as situational awareness. What that means is maintaining a 360 degree awareness of your environment and everyone who is in it, enters or leaves that environment. Generally this circle extends out 20 to 30 feet from you being at the center. Be aware of all entrances and exits is a must and of course all choke points and dead ends that you should avoid.

Mindset – Developing a warriors mindset. One of the necessary components to being mentally prepared is the ability to make quick decisions, quicker than the bad guys. You need to establish your mental trigger. Your mind needs to shift from “it can’t happen to me” or “I never saw it coming” to “it can happen to me. I expect it. I have a plan and I will follow through aggressively, ruthlessly and without mercy to execute it – without hesitation.” That is the mental trigger.

Goals – The general idea why one would do all of this is simply to be prepared. I’m also doing it so that I can teach others including my family. I’m doing it so I can protect my family and brothers that need it. If your behavior matches your goals then you are on the right track. If you are doing things that do not support your goals then you must modify your behavior to support your goals. This will involve sacrifice, dedication, and a steady dose of discipline.

Capacity – Many people spend years training and as a result they become very proficient in the skill set of bringing death and destruction upon the enemy. Yet at that very moment when all those skills are needed the most, they fail to execute. Do you have the capability and capacity to stop the enemy at any means necessary?

Title: Surviving Inside The Kill Zone

Length: 115 Pages

MSRP: $11.99 direct from Emerson Knives

About the author: Ernie Emerson, as most know him, is the owner of Emerson Knives, Inc. He is also known as “The Father of Tactical Knives” starting with the CQC-7 knife back in the 1990s. Ernie has designed the most iconic combat knives in the world, beginning with Navy SEAL Team 6. Both the Emerson Commander and CQC-7 are popular among the SEAL Teams to this day.

He is a “Tier One” hand-to-hand combat and edged weapons instructor for the Navy SEALs, US Army Special Forces, and other Government agencies. His knives are also popular among First Responders and those wanting to own a quality blade with a bad ass reputation. This book is a culmination of the many seminars and courses he has taught over the years.

This Surviving Inside The Kill Zone is for anybody wanting to increase their knowledge in the subject of survival when it comes to a deadly confrontation. By reading this book you’ll get a basic understanding of what’s going to be involved in the preparation of being ready. This is not the be all end all book on the subject, but merely a stepping stone to educating yourself and determining next steps for you personally whether your just starting out or your a seasoned law enforcement officer.